Our Mission

舊金山灣區青商會的宗旨是幫助來自台灣或有志為台灣付出在灣區的青年人士建立專業形象與個人品牌, 提升個人的事業發展及拓展人脈和社交圈。以下三點為舊金山灣區青商會的目標:

Develop young adult Taiwanese immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area and help enhance their personal branding, career opportunity, and social lifestyle. We do so with 3 strategic objectives:

1. 從個人的形象,思維和表現上為台灣的青年人士樹立正面和積極的典範。

1. Establish a positive identity for young Taiwanese adult for who we are, what we do, and what we represent.

2. 透過在職教育、個人事業的計劃、企業拓展及家庭與事業的規劃和對青商的價值、組織和文化上的認同去加強灣區的台灣青年人士的專業度。

2. Reinforce the community value, support system, and culture to advance young Taiwanese adult immigrants professionally; whether it’s continuous education, career change, entrepreneurial endeavor or work/life balance.

3. 將舊金山灣區青商會塑造成創新的育成中心,並鼓勵矽谷的年青領袖和專業人才成為北美及全球台灣人的領導中心和專業模範。

3. Develop our Chapter as the hub of innovation, and mobilize young Taiwanese leaders and talents from Silicon Valley to be the source of inspirations, mentors and role models for broader Taiwanese community in North America and around the world.

For more information, please contact us at jtccsf@gmail.com or check out our facebook page!