With the rapid increasing population of Taiwanese immigrants in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, a brand new Taiwanese business organization – Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco Bay Area was formed on June 3, 1995 at Ramada Inn, Sunnyvale by a group of Taiwanese business owners who are proud of their unique heritage to serve the diversified interests in the communities.

TCC-SFBA is a non-profit and non political organization, all the original founders came from Taiwan and represented diverse occupations including bankers, publishers, accountants, insurance brokers, realtors, developers, importers, exporters, manufactures and store owners, ……..etc.

The mission of TCC-SFBA is to promote and assist Taiwanese businesses in San Francisco Bay Area: to increase their profitability and to enhance growth and quality of life in the region. Our purposes are: to encourage fraternity and friend – ship among business persons and professional people from Taiwan and who are operating in the San Francisco Bay Area by proving and supporting social and cultural events and other opportunities at which membership may gather; to further the business education of members by providing speakers, seminars, and other activities which will serve to acquaint members with recent developments in business generally as well as in functional areas such as finance, marketing and other legal matters; and new businesspersons from Taiwan or going to Taiwan by providing seminars and forums with members to familiarize newcomers with the business environment and opportunities.

Membership in the Chamber is open to anyone who is a proprietor, a partnership or corporation, and who, or member of whom, is from Taiwan, or engaging in business in the Far East, and in addition, has been invited to become a member by either a majority of the members of the Board of Directors or a majority of the present members. Upon payment of the appropriate membership dues the candidate will become a fully qualified member of the Chamber entitled to enjoy all of the organization’s privileges and duties.

舊金山灣區台灣商會的成立, 是希望在今日多元化的社會裹, 能有一個屬於台商相互联誼的園地。經由活動的參與, 會友間能建立起、 真摯的友誼。 在生活上相互關懷,事業上相互提攜,共同關心台灣故園。 我們的宗旨是 :

1.爭取台商在美國社會, 應有之權益,以求生根立足。