” Taiwan can help, Taiwan can help.” The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in the San Francisco Bay Area donated 30,000 masks to 15 elderly centers and non-profit organizations in Fremont on the 28th. Lai Mingqi, Director of the Department of Scriptures of Taipei in San Francisco, Yan Shurong, Director of the South Bay Overseas Chinese Education Center, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, and Fremont City Councillor Teresa Keng were all present. Gao Xuga, on behalf of Fremont City, thanked the Taiwanese community and the Chamber of Commerce for their long-term support, and hoped to continue cooperation to face the epidemic and move towards the future.

Lai Mingqi, Director of the Department of Scriptures, pointed out that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Taiwan has donated tens of millions of masks to all over the world, hoping to help fight the epidemic. Taiwan is willing to support all parts of the world and provide all kinds of assistance to jointly fight the epidemic; Taiwan also looks forward to establishing deeper relationships with counties and cities in the Bay Area and promoting grassroots diplomacy.

Zhou Xinjie, the 26th president of the Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic is serious and has a huge impact, and masks are one of the most effective epidemic prevention tools. Taiwan-made masks are of excellent quality and well-known internationally. Under the production capacity permit, Taiwan continues to export masks and protective equipment to the international community to show that “Taiwan can help” and control the epidemic as soon as possible.

He said that in the past few months, the Chamber of Commerce has cooperated with the office to deliver masks to San Jose City, Santa Clara County, and the farthest to Mid Valley areas such as Stadton. Fremont Mayor Gao Xujia often supports the Chamber of Commerce activities. City Councillor Huang Jieyi is also an advisor to the Chamber of Commerce. Both of them will be elected this year. He also hopes that the community can support their re-election.

Gao Xujia pointed out that the most beautiful thing in Fremont is “people”; Fremont has many Asians, a high proportion of them are Chinese and many of them are residents of Taiwanese origin. They are often as generous as this time. epidemic. The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in the San Francisco Bay Area used to hold activities on Thanksgiving to give back to the community. She is very grateful for the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce for presenting masks. “We are grateful for Taiwan’s love for allowing everyone to survive pneumonia (period) safely.